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Berry Punch for Kids


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ultime replenisher australia Lemonade flavour


Ultima Replenisher Toddler Berry Punch Australia Raspberry Flavour 15 Serving Packet Box

Toddler Berry Punch 15 Serving Stick Pack Box A delicious source of healthy hydration for kids and electrolyte replacement for active kids. Delicious Berry Punch flavour that they will love. Perfect for everyday refreshment. Also helps prevent dehydration due to diarrhoea and vomiting.

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Today’s Ultima Replenisher Hydration powder has been formulated for the whole family: everyone from the youngest toddlers (with their very own Toddler Formula) to seniors (who are surprisingly prone to dehydration).


Ultima Health Products believes in real food, and Replenisher 15 Servings Toddler Berry Punch is a real food answer to the question: What's the best drink for children? Today, so many drinks are loaded with sugar (calories!) and salt, not to mention artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. One stick of Ultima Health Products Replenisher toddler Berry Punch is perfect for the sippy cup and is a great way to help kids drink more water. Ultima Health Products RToddler Berry Punch 20 Servings is great for growing pains, a hot day, or when our little ones don't feel well. With potassium and each of the key ingredients, Ultima Health Products believes Replenisher Toddler Berry Punch is the best paediatric drink in the category and it tastes fantastic.


Nutritional Information

Ultima Replenisher Australia provides you with the best and most complete hydration powder product in the world. We believe too many drinks are loaded with sugar, too much salt and/or an array of artificial colours, dyes and preservatives. Ultima’s combination of balanced electrolytes allows for rapid re-hydration without blood sugar spikes or stomach upset so you can feel and perform your best.

Ultima Replenisher Australia Toddler Berry Punch

ULTIMA REPLENISHER Australia Hydration drink potassium


Naturally chelated potassium aspartate. Potassium is a key electrolyte. We also use potassium phosphate, salts of potassium and phosphorus ions.

ultima replenisher australia magnesium


Magnesium citrate and magnesium aspartate. We use two very absorbable forms of magnesium as it is a vital electrolyte to prevent cramps and fatigue.

ultimate replenisher electrolytes phosphorus


Chloride as sodium chloride. Chloride is an essential electrolyte critically needed for the overall balance of body fluids.

hydration drinks australia ultima calcium


We use calcium citrate and calcium ascorbate which are very absorbable forms of calcium. Calcium is a key electrolyte necessary for the bones and body function.

ultimate replenisher Australia electrolytes selenium


Selenium as amino acid chelate. Ultima uses a bio-available chelate form of selenium. Selenium helps protect cells from free-radicals.

ultimate replenisher electrolytes zinc


Zinc is a vital trace mineral. It is an electrolyte that most formulas leave out due to cost. It is critical for cell health and body function and a “go-to” for many to fight a common cold.

hydration drinks ultima Chloride


Phosphorus as potassium phosphate. As the second most abundant mineral in the body after calcium, phosphorus is good for the bones and teeth and present in every muscle cell as well as the body’s fluids.

ultimate replenisher electrolytes sodium


Sodium chloride. Many sports drinks contain a great deal of sodium and use it as a preservative. Our formulation is similar to real food like oranges and bananas

ULTIMA Electrolytes drink australia


Copper as copper citrate. Copper is a trace mineral that the body needs in very small amounts. Copper is important for bone and cartilage strength.

Copper as copper citrate. Copper is a trace mineral that the body needs in very small amounts. Copper is important for bone and cartilage strength.


Manganese as manganese citrate. Manganese is a trace mineral needed for bone, skin and cartilage.

ultima electrolytes drink australia-molybdenum


Molybdenum as sodium molybdate. Molybdenum is a trace mineral needed for enzyme-dependent processes.

ultima electrolytes drink australia chromium


Chromium as chromium dinicotinate glycinate. Chromium is an important mineral in maintaining our body’s blood sugar levels.


Beta Carotene comes from fruits and vegetables that are orange in colour.


We also use the mineral calcium ascorbate, which is a buffered form of vitamin C.


We use water extracted stevia leaf as our sweetener. Using a water extraction process ensures a cleaner taste versus a harsh alcohol extraction process. Not only is the stevia plant a great source of nutrients, but it is also very sweet and has no calories. Also known as rebaudioside A.


Grape Skin Extract provides the color for our most popular flavor, Grape. Grape skin extract is an antioxidant rich in polyphenols and anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that protect our body’s cells.


Our Citric Acid is derived from non-GMO corn.


Tartaric acid comes naturally from grapes and is present in our grape flavor.


Ultima uses completely natural flavors – real oranges, lemons, real grape skin, cherry powder, pomegranate and real raspberries – to achieve our wonderfully refreshing taste.


Malic Acid comes naturally from fruit and is present in our Raspberry & Cherry Pomegranate flavors.


We add color from beets to the Raspberry, Cherry Pomegranate and Orange flavors.

Serving Size: 1 Stick Pack (3.4 g)

Servings Per Container: 20


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