Dehydration is incredibly common in people of all ages, but usually athletes experience it the most. Considering the amount of energy that is expended for peak athletic performance, it is extremely likely that dehydration will occur – especially those that tend to perform their workouts outside.

Some symptoms of dehydration include:

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Darker colored urine
  • Dry mouth
  • Headaches
















These are just some of the more common symptoms associated with dehydration. Loss of concentration is another major symptom reported by many. Other and somewhat more unusual symptoms may include dry skin, muscle cramps and even bad breath.

With all this in mind, it becomes clear just how incredibly important it is to stay hydrated. Not only to avoid these symptoms, but to ensure that you are performing at peak physical capacity, especially when you are playing sports. Water is essential before, during and after a workout as it “helps protect the spinal cord, and it acts as a lubricant and cushion for your joints.”

Staying hydrated is also important for appetite control and overall gut health, which is also an incredibly important factor for athletes to consider. According to Lisa Cimperman, Clinical Dietitian at University Hospitals Case Medical Center, “Our thirst mechanism isn’t that good, essentially, when we think that we’re hungry, we’re actually thirsty.” When you think you are hungry, it might be better to have a glass of water and see if that curbs the appetite. Hydration is also essential for healthy bowel movements, as dehydration may also lead to constipation.

Climate and weather are also important considerations when understanding hydration, and why it is so necessary. Australian weather tends to be drier, and often leads to dehydration, especially for exercises performed outside.

In fact, studies have found that a large majority of Australians suffer from dehydration without realizing it. Research has found that “80% of Australians suffer from symptoms typical of dehydration and the majority don’t recognise key symptoms.”

Furthermore, their research also found that, “the most common symptoms affecting Australians are lethargy (62%) or loss of energy (51%) The research demonstrates how dehydration may lead to a myriad of problems that may affect athletic performance.

Neuroscientist and Australian medical writer Dr Sarah McKay commented on this, stating that “the findings support scientific studies that show even mild dehydration can cause fatigue, increase in complaints of headache, thirst, sleepiness and concentration difficulties.”

One method through which dehydration may be combatted is by drinking more water, of course but also by using products that expedite hydration. For example, DripDrop ORS is a smart choice for athletes suffering from dehydration. DripDrop ORS is a medical grade Oral Rehydration Solution.

Created by a Mayo Clinic trained physician, DripDrop ORS is able to save those who are suffering from threatening dehydration safely without sacrificing quality. Water and sports drinks are able to provide some relief, but there are often circumstances when other products are needed. In those scenarios, is the best solution.

DripDrop is able to transform your water bottle into a scientifically proven effective ORS. It is convenient, tastes great and is extremely safe to use whenever the circumstances may call for it, especially for those that experience dehydrating conditions. The patented formula strives to improve the ORS experience while still being able to provide the treatment needed, as well as the right amount of electrolytes.

DripDrop provides medically relevant electrolyte levels, without sacrificing taste or quality. Comparatively, most sports drinks on the market currently provide about 1/3 of what DripDrop fluid provides and contain far more sugar than necessary.

This results in a powerful and faster method of hydration, especially compared to sports drinks and water. DripDrop is one of the most highly effective oral hydration solution known to medical science for practical for use.

To learn more about DripDrop and how to stay hydrated, please contact us.

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