There are plenty of methods to take aim at controlling diabetes, although the most advanced nutrition supplements can make a substantial difference for a diabetic looking to assert control over his or her health. Thanks to options that allow a diabetic to boost protein intake and stay hydrated without added sugars, supplements allow diabetics to assist their body in a variety of ways with the ease of powders and gel pouches. From the best protein powder available to other key supplements, here’s a look at some of the ways nutritional supplements can be an important part of a diabetic’s diet.

Whey Protein Isolate:

A large, high-protein breakfast can be a great way for a type-2 diabetic to get the day started, but there is still room for improvement over the traditional options for protein intake. Natural whey protein can not only give a little boost but can actually help regulate the body’s blood sugar level throughout the day, particularly if a diabetic follows up with an appropriately sized lunch and dinner. Options like Premium Whey Protein Isolate offer an easy and relatively inexpensive way to take for a diabetic to get a proper nutritional start to the day.

Complete with less than a gram of sugar as well as very low amounts of fat and carbs, Premium Whey Protein Isolate provides a significant boost of essential nutrients and can even be a terrific complement to weight-loss and muscle-gaining training. The potential benefits don’t stop there either, as natural whey protein can help curb appetite and allow a diabetic to stay disciplined by reducing the hormones that generate the hunger trigger.

Hydration supplements:

Trying to stay hydrated can be a frustrating task for a diabetic, mainly because many sources of electrolytes are packed with sugar. A way for a diabetic to avoid spikes in sugar, particularly surrounding a workout, is to utilize zero sugar hydration supplements that can leave you fully hydrated without budging your blood sugar level. A hydration electrolyte such as Ultimate Replenisher provides six essential electrolytes without sugar, carbs or calories, giving you the fundamentals you need without derailing your diabetic game plan with unwanted sugar content. Ultimate Replenisher can also be served hot or cold and easily dissolves in water, offering the perfect hydration solution for a diabetic without the counterproductive hassle of a traditional sports drink.

Glucose gels:

While the best protein powders and hydration supplements can provide essential boosts for a diabetic, it’s also just as important for a diabetic to be able to get a quick burst of glucose, if necessary. The method that paramedics regularly go with is using a fast-acting glucose gel, which can rapidly provide a needed elevation in blood sugar level and can ward off the serious complications of low blood sugar. Options like the Transcend Glucose Gel Pouch are exceptionally easy to carry and deliver 15 grams of glucose with each dose, which is the exact amount that the American Diabetes Association recommends. The packaging of the Transcend Glucose Gel Pouch is exceptionally easy to open in a pinch but is also designed to be tough, making it the perfect complement for diabetics on the go.

A path to peace of mind:

Although the overall diabetic benefits of whey natural protein and nutritional supplements are just starting to be fully understood, the convenience and effectiveness of the best products on the market can provide a much-needed assist to a diabetic. Instead of more archaic forms of blood sugar control, modern products like Premium Whey Protein Isolate provide the perfect dose of essential nutrients while glucose gels offer a paramedic-supported backup plan for low blood sugar wherever you go. Add in the benefits of zero sugar hydration powders and a diabetic has all the tools needed for a boost in confidence when it comes to controlling diabetes.

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