Optimal Hydration for Peak Athletic Performance: Why You Need The Right Hydration Product

Often lost in a training routine is the potentially debilitating risk of dehydration, which can derail a workout regimen for an athlete. The good news, however, is that it’s never been easier to stay hydrated with a few simple methods and hydration products, allowing an athlete to reach his or her goals while pushing towards that workout breakthrough everyone is pursuing. By being able to identify the symptoms and easy solutions for avoiding dehydration, an athlete can maintain the energy and focus needed to get the most out of athletic pursuits, no matter the level of training.
















Identify the symptoms:

First, it’s important to get a sense of where you are at in terms of hydration and to pick up on any electrolytes imbalance. Although more obvious symptoms like nausea and vomiting are a clear indicator of dehydration, more subtle symptoms like heartburn, chills and heat sensations in your neck or head can also be important indicators. A general sense of thirst can also not be relied upon, as there is a delayed effect and you may not notice being thirsty at all until the seeds of dehydration are sown. But by recognizing indicators long before you actually feel thirsty, you can utilize the wealth of hydrating products – such as Ultima Replenisher or DripDrop ORS – to keep your training on track.


Water is only a starting point:

For any athlete, starting the day with a couple of glasses of water can be a great start towards staving off dehydration, yet one can’t simply rely upon water to prepare your body for training. While another method to helping with dehydration can be to focus on the consumption of fruits with a high water content (e.g. strawberries, watermelon, grapefruit), an athlete can easily take hydration to the next level with an electrolyte hydration powder like DripDrop ORS. Although many still rely on sugary sports drinks, you can get up to three times more electrolytes with just adding a few drops of DripDrop ORS into your water bottle. Without the hassle of having to slug down enormous amounts of water or standard sports drinks, DripDrop ORS can ward off the dehydrating effects of an intense workout and easily keep you feeling great all the way to the finish line.


Stay focused:

Anyone who has had a full-blown cramp attack in the middle of a workout or game can tell you that cramps can be a devastating – and very painful – blow to an athlete. However, more obvious attributes of dehydration like cramps can often overshadow an equally important part of staying hydrated, namely remaining focused. In addition to headaches, a drop in focus can occur rapidly for someone experiencing the effects of dehydration, which can negate all of the time and training during crucial moments of a game, race or training session. For serious athletes, the mental component is absolutely critical and can be the difference between reaching one’s goals and falling short, or missing a big play that otherwise would have been routine with the proper hydration.


Dehydration can happen in the winter too:

Although it may seem a bit counterintuitive, an athlete can be just as likely to develop dehydration in the wintertime as the summertime, which is why it’s always a good idea to continue utilizing products like DripDrop ORS and Ultima Replenisher no matter when you’re training throughout the year. One of the main reasons that athletes can be just as likely to suffer an electrolytes imbalance in the winter is because there is a tendency to wear extra layers as the temperature drops, ultimately leading to added sweating and often creating a masked dehydrating effect. Even if you’re not dripping sweat like you might in the peak of summer during a workout, your performance could easily suffer if you don’t take hydration seriously no matter the season.


Find a routine:

As creatures of habit, humans usually need to settle into a routine in order to maximize their potential over the long haul, and the same certainly goes for staying hydrated as an athlete. While downing water as you wake up is a great starting point, it’s best to identify specific times of the day to add hydration enhancing products into your daily regimen. But this also goes well beyond hydrating on the day of a big event or training session, as it’s recommended that an athlete actually begins the hydration process a couple of days in advance of a major event. With a combination of appropriate water intake, high-water fruits and the right electrolyte hydration powder in the days leading up to an important athletic event, your routine can ensure that you’re in prime physical and mental shape for the moments you absolutely need to be at your best.

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