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4 Pouches Transcend Glucose Gel Pouch – Orange flavour


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Tick 4 Pouches

Tick Raised Blood Sugar Fast

Tick 15 g of Fast Acting Glucose per pouch

Tick Never  Melts in warm Climates – Syrup-Like consistency stays intact

Tick Lowest Risk of Blood Sugar Spike

Tick Vegan and Gluten free

Tick Easy to Open, Easy to Carry


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Benefits of Transcend Glucose Gel Australia

FREE SHIPPING on Transcend glucose gel

IGNITE THE SWITCH. Starting strong starts with energy. Our bodies need a steady supply to continuously fire at peak performance. Exercise burns fuel. Glucose is fuel. REFUEL WITH TRANSCEND GLUCOSE GEL. The most important nutrient in your body. Your body and brain feed off of it.

No food or beverage can help you treat — without over-treating — as accurately as the 15g of fast-acting carbs in Transcend Glucose Gel, the amount recommended by the American Diabetes Association. Transcend Glucose Gel are critical to supporting blood sugar.

Every easy-to-carry squeeze pack contains 15g of fast-acting glucose to precisely treat lows.

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Raise Low Blood Sugar

Glucose works faster than candy, soda, juice and other sports gels to precisely correct low blood sugar. The easy-open, individual gel pouches can be stored anywhere... a pocket, purse, glove box, tool kit, golf bag, first aid kit, etc.

  • 15 grams fast acting glucose raises blood sugar for Diabetics or Athletes
  • 60 Calories / 0 g Fat / 15 g Carbs
  • Raise Low Blood Sugar Fast
  • Lowest Risk of Over-Treatment Blood Sugar Spike
  • Delicious Natural Orange Flavor
  • Syrup-Like Consistency; No Need to Chew Like Other Sports Gels
  • Tiny Pouch That's TOUGH - Carry in Every Pocket, Bag, Purse
  • Easy to Open, Easy to Carry
  • Never Freezes or Melts in Hot or Cold Climates
  • Used by EMS / Paramedics in the United States

Nutrition Facts


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