100% organic Superfoods for superhumans!

Superfoods simply mean the best nutrients dense food available to mankind by nature. And people consumes superfoods mainly to reach peak physical and mental conditions as well as protecting them from various diseases. At Whey Direct we love our superfoods. We've been experiencing with various super foods like goji berries, spices like cardamon, cinnamon and turmeric, organic cocoa powder, fruits and other raw foods. We have found that some of the most exclusive superfood are really hard to find and therefore, we have decided to ship it from all over the world to you.

All our products in this category are whole foods, that means it does not come in capsules form or in a plastic container. They are all 100% natural, organic, without any additives or sugar, no sucralose, absolutely nothing added. Just pure exotic raw ingredients. Enjoy!

Ceylon Alba Cinnamon Sticks Whey Direct 1

Ceylon Alba Cinnamon

What could be more delicious and satisfying than a warm mug of apple cider sprinkled with cinnamon, or a cinnamon-rich baked apple with crushed nuts on a cold winter day? It’s exciting to learn that cinnamon benefits aren’t only relegated to the taste buds. This SuperFood is actually good for your health. Ceylon cinnamon, also known as the "true" cinnamon is extremely rare nowadays - It is sweeter and has a more complex, citrusy flavour compared to cassia cinnamon that can be found everywhere. 


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